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                   Bird Watching
           with biologist Pablo Mendizabal

The area around Ixtapa (Nahuatl: land of white sand) is composed mainly of swamps and minor lakes, as well as a river outlet into the Pacific ocean, and is heavily populated by over 320 species of birds, 2 kinds of iguanas as well as crocodiles and other reptiles. About half of the bird species we can observe are year round residents, while the other half migrates to the area during the winter months or early spring. We will be looking for colorful species, such as the “White Throated Magpie-Jay” (Calocitta Formosa), the “Yellow-Winged Cacique” (Cacicus melanicterus) and the “Citreoline Trogon” (Trogon citreolus), among others. The flora is just as varied and the biologist in charge will gladly explain it in detail to the interested listener.

Meet your guide at the crocodile pit, where you can observe (besides the crocodiles) turtles, iguanas and mangrove birds. From there it’s a 2½ mile walk through the Ecological park “Aztlan”, observing many of the most representative birds and plants of the region, including ecosystems such as the tropical dry forest, the tropical semi-deciduous forest and the mangrove.

Note: We suggest you depart from the club at 7.30 AM. The taxi ride takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Take along sunscreen, a hat and mosquito protection. The cost includes the binoculars and purified drinking water.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:  Duration: 3.5 Hours.
Departure from your hotel at 08.00 AM






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