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               Deep Sea Fishing

In its abundance and diversity of big game fish such as marlin, sailfish, dorado, tuna and many more, the Mexican Pacific of “La Costa Grande” is equaled only by the Sea of Cortéz. Leave the Bay of Zihuatanejo early in the morning, enjoy the scenery and challenge your catch on the open sea. Watch out for giant turtles and dolphins and during the winter you might even spot some gray whales.

Our experienced crews will take you to the best fishing spots, teach you the tricks of the trade and attend to your comfort. All our boats have four or more lines for simultaneous fishing, plus two lines in reserve.


-One way transportation
-Drink on board
-Fishing licence

Duration: Approximately 6-7 Hours.                          

Daily. Departure: 7.00 A.M. or earlier

This tour includes: Boat with crew of two, bait, tackle, fishing licenses, soft drinks and beer in reasonable quantity. On special request, liquor is available for purchase.

Some suggestions and rules: Take along sun screen and a hat or cap. It is appreciated if you catch and release your fish. Maximum one (1) sailfish, marlin or dorado might be brought back from your fishing excursion. We are confident that you will use common sense and respect nature.







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Considering the relaxed atmosphere and flawless attention you are enjoying, you might never want to leave the comfort of your Club, but then you may return home without ever knowing what a great place you have chosen for your vacation...

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