Swimming with Dolphins
8 years and old

In this program, you’ll get the chance to interact with the dolphins like you’ve never imagined. Our beloved stars, the dolphins, will give you the chance to touch them and caress them while swimming around you.
These amazing marine mammals enjoy being with people so much they will allow you to give them a heart warming hug and they will pay you back with a tender kiss that will remain in your memory forever.
Later on, take an exciting ride at full speed on the dolphin’s belly holding on to its pectoral fins (Belly Ride). We end our program with a spectacular activity that can only be defined as the best experience of your life. Feel the rush of being pushed at top speed by your feet by two dolphins across our main pool! (Foot Push) Live the magic of swimming with dolphins.

Talk of Introduction: 10 a 15 Minutes
Time in the water: 45 Minutes

Dolphin Encounter

 8 years and old

This program is thought out for everyone over 8 yrs old wishing to interact with dolphins.
Dive in and greet a dolphin by shaking its pectoral fins. A great learning experience to widen your knowledge on these wonderful beings while having fun playing with them.
You’ll be able to play and swim with them and also get the greatest souvenir of your trip: an unforgettable kiss and perhaps the sweetest picture ever

Talk of Introduction: 10 Minutes
Time in the water: 20 Minutes

Delfiniti Kids
Children between 3 & 7 yrs old

This program is specially devised for children between 3-7 years of age.Starting with a brief introduction on cetacean evolution and biology before entering the water, kids will have a great time learning about what makes dolphins such amazing creatures. Enjoy a true connection with the dolphins, pet them, get a dolphin hug and kiss and the greatest experience they’ll ever live! Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Talk of Introduction: 10 minutes.
Time in the water: 20 minutes.


 Baby Dolphin

 Children between 0 & 3 yrs old

Unique opportunity for you and your baby to bond with one of nature’s noblest creatures. Enjoy a close connection with these fascinating marine mammals while safely standing in a submerged platform.

Talk of Introduction: 10 minutes.
Time in the water: 12 minutes






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