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             Soledad de Maciel Tour

The ceremonial center Xihuacan is located at a small community named Soledad de Maciel (better know as La Chole), the location for the town is approximately at 30 minutes away from Zihuatanejo (to the south), taking highway 200 and at 4 kilometers on a dirt road, the archaeological excavation site is located on Petatlan municipality, which is located on the Costa Grande Region in the state of Guerrero México.

Just outside Soledad de Maciel there is the Xihuacan Site Museum, it was inaugurated on march 22nd 2011, the museum exhibits more than 800 archaeological pieces from the pre Hispanic time, such as figurines, obsidian vases, works on sea shell, copper axes, bell necklaces, ceramics and lithic, integrates the collection that explains cultural development of the ancient city that had a strong interaction with Teotihuacan during the Classic period (200 to 650 AD).
On this tour we will visit the Xihuacan site museum, the ball court, the pyramid and the rural community name Soledad de Maciel

The tour includes: Transportation with  air condition, a tour guide that speaks English and  lunch.
Recommendations: Bring sun block, wear sunglasses, tennis shoes and a hat or cap, and don’t forget your camera!
Note. We have departures everyday except on Monday.

-Tour guide
-Air conditioned Van


Departure 8:00 A.M. The tours will  Approximately 4½ Hours, incl. return to the hotel






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